Review of Making Sex Public and Other Cinematic Fantasies by Damon R. Young. Durham: Duke University Press, 2018 (paperback). 320 pages. REVIEW BY ADAM HERRON, NORTHUMBRIA UNIVERSITY Opening with the passage, “In 1968, while French students occupied the halls of the Sorbonne, Barbarella fucked her way to freedom,” Making Sex Public traces the ways in … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW – MAKING SEX PUBLIC AND OTHER CINEMATIC FANTASIES

An ‘alarming cautionary tale’: Castrating the Faux Feminism of Teeth (2007)

Two years ago, writing in celebration of the film’s tenth anniversary, Vice critic Sirin Kale identified Teeth (Mitchell Lichtenstein 2007) as ‘an incisor-sharp commentary on male entitlement, consent, and sexual violence’. Yet just as the title of her article refers to Teeth as a ‘Feminist Horror Classic’, it is curious that Kale does not define the film in direct relation to feminism. This is not to say that issues of male entitlement, consent and sexual violence are not feminist concerns. Rather, Kale implies how Teeth critiques masculinity through these concerns, without politicising it in a feminist context.

Fifty Shades Duller, Part I

by Carol Siegel, Washington State University Vancouver, US.

If one is a feminist, or even sympathetic to the idea that women aren't inferior to men, there is a lot to be outraged by in the Fifty Shades franchise. But I write this negative response to Fifty Shades Darker (James Foley 2017) neither in anger nor sadness, but in disappointment because the film was so boring.