We hope a number of Screening Sex Special Interest Group (SIG) members will be submitting and presenting their research at the upcoming BAFTSS conference. The conference will take place online 20–22 April 2022, hosted by the University of St Andrews. We are inviting paper proposals from our SIG members to form a SIG-sponsored panel. The main conference theme is collaboration … Continue reading CALL FOR PAPER PROPOSALS – BAFTSS CONFERENCE 2022

CFP – Edited Collection: Gender, Genre and the Body in Contemporary North American and European Film

Gender and the body are inextricably connected, and it could be argued that within any given filmic context, they are also closely related to genre and generic traditions. Moreover, genres often use genders, gender stereotypes and bodies in diverse and specific ways, and gender and its relationship to the body performs different functions in the context of any given genre. This collection aims to critically examine and interrogate the representation of the body and its relationship to both gender and genre in contemporary North American and European films.

CFP – Screening #TimesUp: Exploring Rape Culture in Hollywood Film

Beginning in 2017, the #MeToo movement drew attention to the sexual assault, coercion, and harassment experienced by many individuals and especially women working in Hollywood. Over the last two years, actors have come forward to speak about their experiences, condemning the industry for silencing victims while safeguarding predators. This conversation about sexual conduct and safe … Continue reading CFP – Screening #TimesUp: Exploring Rape Culture in Hollywood Film