Screening Sex is a special interest group (SIG) for the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies. BAFTSS is the representative body for Higher Education departments and scholars engaged in the teaching, research and study of the medium of film, television and screen media in the United Kingdom.

Established in May 2018, the Screening Sex SIG aims to continue and extend the work that has emerged from the public-facing academic project Screening Sex. Commissioning and publishing short research articles, opinion pieces, interviews and book reviews on a range of topics related to sex on screen and sexual cultures, has quickly become a popular and valuable public-facing academic forum exploring the politics of sex on screen. This SIG aims to build on the valuable work of existing contributors, extend the research network, support the development of original work and invest in its contributors and members in order to produce and support activities that continue to highlight the value of sex on screen, in culture and in society.

Encouraging a broad range of critical, contextual and cultural methodologies to sex on screen, we are drawing on cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research as well as encouraging intersectional observations and approaches. Alongside analytical considerations of representation strategies, the SIG also examines the scope and change seen in industry practice, spanning production techniques, changing modes of exhibition and new strategies of distribution.

Key activities of the SIG include contribution to the annual BAFTSS conference, a Screening Sex symposium, talks/introductions at public screenings and film festivals and the collective promotion of new publications. The group will also encourage opportunities to collaborate on projects, support ERCs and seek to connect writers with practitioners in order to promote the importance of the screen in examining, challenging and re-framing social and cultural perceptions of sex. You can contact the SIG by emailing:

Members are drawn from a variety of disciplines with numerous publications and research profiles that illustrate the breadth of critical engagement that the SIG aims for.

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