REVIEW OF One-Dimensional Queer by Roderick A. Ferguson. POLITY PRESS, 2019. (HB/PB/EBOOK) 168PP. REVIEW BY KATIE ARTHUR, KING'S COLLEGE LONDON The multidimensional beginnings of gay liberation are being written out of history, but One-Dimensional Queer counters this prevalent situating of the gay liberation movement within a capitalist agenda. An essential introductory companion to any queer … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW – ONE-DIMENSIONAL QUEER

Spring 2020 Newsletter

Call for Contributions:Screening Sex in the Time of Coronavirus We are seeking short (1000-2000 word) articles, interviews, discussions or other content (video essays, artwork) that explore the impact of coronavirus on representations, cultures and discourses of sex. We would also welcome considerations of the impact on and implications of researching sex at this time. To what extent is coronavirus … Continue reading Spring 2020 Newsletter


REVIEW OF SEX CULTURES BY AMIN GHAZIANI. Cambridge: Polity press, 2017 REVIEW BY JAMES LAWRENCE SLATTERY, UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER, UK Part of Polity Press’ ‘Cultural Sociology’ series, Sex Cultures is a recent book that sets out to give a clear and concise overview of the ways sexuality is forged through and interacts with historical and … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW – SEX CULTURES


Review of Prostitution and Sex Work in Global Cinema: New Takes on Fallen Women, eds. Danielle Hipkins and Kate Taylor-Jones. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. Review by Will Visconti, The University of Sydney, Australia Though the majority of the narratives addressed in Prostitution and Sex Work in Global Cinema are negative, pessimistic, or (at best) ambiguous … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW – PROSTITUTION AND SEX WORK IN GLOBAL CINEMA

BOOK REVIEW – Pornography: Structures, Agency, and Performance

Review of Pornography: Structures, Agency, and Performance by Rebecca Sullivan & Alan McKee, Polity Press 2015. (PB/HB). 219pp. REVIEW BY MARTIN FRADLEY, University of Brighton Has contemporary pornography lost its transgressive status, or does it remain the locus of conservative moral panic? A handful of media events as I was reading this book would suggest … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW – Pornography: Structures, Agency, and Performance

CFP – Edited Collection: Gender, Genre and the Body in Contemporary North American and European Film

Gender and the body are inextricably connected, and it could be argued that within any given filmic context, they are also closely related to genre and generic traditions. Moreover, genres often use genders, gender stereotypes and bodies in diverse and specific ways, and gender and its relationship to the body performs different functions in the context of any given genre. This collection aims to critically examine and interrogate the representation of the body and its relationship to both gender and genre in contemporary North American and European films.

CFP – Cine-Excess XIII: Independent Visions of Excess

Birmingham City University Presents: Cine Excess XIIIIndependent Visions of Excess7th-9th November 2019 - Birmingham City University (and related screening venues) Confirmed Guests of Honour:Jen and Sylvia Soska (Rabid [2019], American Mary)Norman J. Warren (Terror, Inseminoid) Keynote Speakers:Dr Stacey Abbott, Roehampton UniversityProfessor Ernest Mathijs, University of British Columbia Cine-Excess XIII is hosted by Birmingham City University and will feature a … Continue reading CFP – Cine-Excess XIII: Independent Visions of Excess