Spring 2020 Newsletter

Call for Contributions:
Screening Sex in the Time of Coronavirus

We are seeking short (1000-2000 word) articles, interviews, discussions or other content (video essays, artwork) that explore the impact of coronavirus on representations, cultures and discourses of sex. We would also welcome considerations of the impact on and implications of researching sex at this time. To what extent is coronavirus changing how we watch, read and write about sex? If you are interested in contributing to the blog about this topic, email Donna and Darren at screeningsex@gmail.com.

Book Series

We are excited to be moving forward with the Screening Sex book series, which is under contract with Edinburgh University Press. Series Editors Darren and Donna are joined by this fabulous editorial board: 

 Peter Alilunas, University of Oregon
Clara Bradbury-Rance, King’s College London
Lynn Comella, University of Nevada. Las Vegas
Elena Gorfinkel, King’s College London
John Mercer, Birmingham City University
Mireille Miller-Young, University of California Santa Barbara
Gary Needham, University of Liverpool
Hoang Tan Nguyen, University of California San Diego
Susanna Paasonen, University of Turku
Julian Petley, Brunel University
Clarissa Smith, University of Sunderland
Linda Williams, University of California Berkeley

 A big thank you to those people who have already been involved in developing ideas for the series. We look forward to formalising the proposals with you. In our next newsletter, we will share more details about the series, its aim and scope, and how to submit proposals. 


We successfully applied for funds from BAFTSS to support a Screening Sex symposium this year. We now plan to hold this at Solent University, Southampton in the new year. It will be a free, public-facing event, bringing together academics and arts and cultural organisations. We will keep the network updated.


Given the latest news from REF about the submission deadline extending but the census date remaining, if there is anything Screening Sex can do to support your research, outputs or impact, please let us know. This might involve sending your book out for review, running a short interview, publishing an extract from your work. 

book reviews

We have the pleasure of welcoming Adam Vaughan to the Screening Sex team as our new Book Reviews Editor. Adam completed his PhD at the University of Southampton and is an Associate Lecturer at Solent University. Adam’s research interests include performative identity and LGBTQ+ representation in film.

Would you like to review a recent publication for Screening Sex? Take a look at our list of books available for review and get in touch. If there is a book not on our list that you are keen to review (or would like us to send out for review), we are also interested in hearing from you.

Latest book reviews
Prostitution and Sex Work in Global Cinema: New Takes on Fallen Women edited by Danielle Hipkins and Kate Taylor-Jones review by Will Visconti
Pornography: Structures, Agency, and Performance by Rebecca Sullivan and Alan McKee review by Martin Fradley


Screening Sex is an academic blog, research project and BAFTSS scholarly interest group led by Darren Kerr and Donna Peberdy. Get in touch by emailing us at screeningsex@gmail.com.

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